These are the faces of the amazing people behind Graham + Fisk's Wine-In-A-Can! Our passionate crew is just as dedicated to delivering great wine as they are to having fun.


Graham Veysey

Otherwise known as the canman

  • 🍷 His superpower: Being able to hear the bells chime when it is Wine-O-Clock
  • ❤️ Favorite karaoke song: Glory Days by The Boss
  • 🙌 Fun fact: He also has a sister-in-law named Graham

Co-Founder & President - Fisk Biggar

Fisk Biggar

Self-described as captain Costco pants

  • 🤷 If he was a TV character: Nigel Wick from The Drew Carey Show
  • 👊 If we were a TV show: Silicon Valley -"Yea, it really hits."
  • 📲 Fun fact: He has his own GIFs and uses them all the time in text messages.

Customer Support & Wholesale Manager - Jenny Davis

Jenny Davis

Head of Turning Frowns Upside Down

  • 📜 Office rule she'd like to implement: Track Suit Mondays
  • 🕹️ Office gift she'd like: A giant arcade claw machine
  • 🍷 Favorite G+F blend: "Red. I've never been a red wine drinker and this can changed my mind."

Design & Marketing Manager - Tyler Jensen

Tyler Jensen

Most likely to jump in at moments notice with a smile

  • 👨‍💻 Favorite karaoke song: Sugar We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy
  • 🐶 Office rule he'd like to implement: Bring your dog to work on Wednesdays
  • ❤️ Fun fact: He's a Swiftie at heart

Fulfillment Manager - Joevon Manley

Joevon Manley

King of moving pallets of wine weighing 1,792 lbs all by himself

  • 😀 If he was a TV character: Darryl from The Office
  • 😴 Office gift he'd like: Full body massage chairs
  • 🍷 Favorite G+F Blend: Rosé With Bubbles

Ecommerce Manager - Brandon Pickus

Brandon Pickus

Most likely to resemble a podcaster on zoom calls

  • 💻 Year book superlative: Most sarcastic
  • 😈 If he was a TV character: Rick Sanchez (Rick & Morty)
  • 🍷 Favorite G+F Blend: "Moscato - I could drink it all day."

Chief Marketing Officer - Jen Leombruno

Jen Leombruno

Chief Calm Officer

  • 🎾 When not working can be found: Carpooling kiddos or playing tennis
  • 🎤 Favorite karaoke song: Mr. Brightside by The Killers
  • 💖 If she was a TV character: Elaine from Seinfeld


Matt Durbin

Head of Powerpoint Presentations

  • 🧔 If he was a TV character: Coach Beard (Ted Lasso)
  • ⛳️ When he's not working he can be found: On the golf course
  • 🍸 Fun fact: 1994 World Bartending Champion "Made my final drink blindfolded."

Managing Partner - Heather Durbin

Heather Durbin

AKA ElastaGirl

  • 🍾 Her superpower: Making wine disappear (Cheers!)
  • 💃 Favorite karaoke song: Dancing Queen by Abba
  • 🍷 Favorite G+F Blend: Rose With Bubbles. "It's like Summer in a can."