The Best Wine Pairings For Seasonal Spring Produce

wine pairings for vegetables

Spring is in the air! Celebrate with the first fresh fruits, herbs, and veggies of the season, plus pair them with delicious and refreshing wines.

There’s a lot of talk surrounding sustainability in the food and beverage space right now, and eating seasonally is a big way to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables harvested at their natural time of the year. Seasonal produce is healthier, fresher, and more affordable, compared to the same products during other months. These fruits and vegetables can be grown locally, tend to travel less miles, and arrive at stores fresher than if they traveled halfway around the world. 

Enjoy the best spring has to offer, with these fruit and veggie wine pairings!


Apricots aren’t the most popular fruit by any means, but it is an incredibly versatile fruit for spring. Make an apricot sauce for pork, a syrupy apricot crumble dessert, or dice dried apricots and mix with homemade granola. There are dozens of apricot recipes you can enjoy … but what wine should you enjoy with this tangy and tender fruit? For a sweet and honey-like experience, pour a glass of Riesling. If medium dry wines are more your style, break out a bottle of Chenin Blanc.


What is the perfect pairing with asparagus? Butter! What wine pairs best with butter? Chardonnay … naturally. Whether you’re roasting this vegetable to accompany steaks on the grill, or tossing it with pasta and cream sauce, a chilled Chardonnay works wonders with asparagus. 


Okay this fuzzy fruit might not grow on the vines in your neighborhood, but kiwis are ripe and abundant in grocery stores come springtime. Cut them up as a snack, or make good use of this fruit with a fresh kiwi salsa — perfect as an appetizer with tortilla chips. Something acidic would do best here to balance out the spice and sweetness, so we recommend a Pinot Grigio for optimal sipping. 


Maybe it’s an arugula salad on your table or a big spinach pie for brunch, but whatever Popeye-inspired dish you’re eating, break out the Sauvignon Blanc. Bright, acidic, and herbaceous tasting notes turn this simple wine into a superstar pairing with all things leafy and green. Toss with a lemony dressing, chopped asparagus, and a freshly shaved Parmesan for an exceptional side dish. 


Okay we get it, by the end of springtime you might be over adding lemons to almost every recipe. After all, pantry pastas, seared salmon, fresh salads, and even lemon bar desserts are everywhere this season. To mix it up, make a lemon Parmesan risotto, but remember to grab a couple of bottles of Sauvignon Blanc at the grocery store. This wine pairs well with all citrusy dishes, and is great for cooking. 


Radishes are a controversial root vegetable. They’re great for first-time gardeners because they are easy to grow, but these little round veggies can also taste spicy, bitter, and unpleasant if they aren’t harvested at the right time. If you’re just getting into the radish game, make an herbed butter for dipping. With some flaky sea salt and a glass of rosé, your healthy appetizer plate just reached a whole new (and very pink) level. 


Snap peas are one of those rare veggies that can quickly become their own salad with hardly any effort at all! With Ina’s recipe, just toss these crispy veggies with some sesame oil, sesame seeds, and a pinch of salt — done! Pair with a slightly sweet Alsace wine or Riesling for the perfect balance of sweet and savory. 


While a strawberry salad would obviously go great with a crisp white wine or rosé, don’t count out a red. Pinot Noir and strawberries pair very well together and this red wine is light enough to enjoy even as the weather gets warmer. If chocolate-covered strawberries are your jam, pour a glass of Pinot Noir — this might become your favorite pairing of all time.

Erin Hooker

Erin Hooker is a writer with experience creating wine, food, and interior design content. She began contributing to Graham + Fisk’s blog in 2021.

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