Margarita Recipes You Need To Try ASAP

best margarita recipes

From homemade Taco Tuesdays to your very own Cinco de Mayo celebration, make room for these margarita recipes in 2022. 

If you’re one of those people that loves ordering margaritas out, but doesn’t know where to begin at home, we’ve got great news! Margaritas fall into the “easy” cocktail category because of their short list of ingredients, low-maintenance mixing, and they’re topped off with a readily-available garnish (limes). It’s also easy to make a margarita station at your next house party! Simply print out a recipe, offer up the ingredients, and display a bowl of cut limes off to the side. 

That being said, a good tequila goes a long way here. Spend your money on a decent bottle, and stick to a Blanco variety that will cover most recipes. Then, buy the best margarita salt and a set of margarita glasses, and make the time to try all of these margarita recipes in 2022. 


The best part about margaritas (other than tasting a-maz-ing) is that they require just three ingredients! High-quality tequila, Contreau (or Triple Sec), combined with lime juice makes a refreshing beverage everyone will enjoy. Whether you blend it or serve it on the rocks, this margarita recipe by Love & Lemons will make you want to sip margaritas all summer long. 


Technically, any of these margarita recipes can be made into a pitcher. However, it’s nice to have the ratios just right the first time. Besides, tasting and tweaking over and over is a really good way to get tipsy before the party even starts. Try this recipe from Geoffrey Zakarian on the Food Network for a no-fail margarita that serves 12-14 people. Simply set out glasses, a bucket of ice, limes, and call it good! 


Spicy margs are delicious at a restaurant, but what about at home? This recipe from Healthy Little Peach blog offers the sweet and spicy concoction everyone craves come summertime. Finish off the drink with foamy egg whites and chopped jalapeno slices for the perfect garnish — just make sure to wear gloves when chopping spicy peppers. 


This margarita resembles something of a spiked smoothie … but we aren’t mad about it! Just get out the blender and combine regular margarita ingredients with frozen strawberries and fresh basil leaves. Rim the glass with coarse sugar instead of salt, pour the frozen mixture into each glass, and enjoy a refreshing spring cocktail you’ll be sure to put on repeat. 


We’ll take a tropical twist on a tropical drink any day! Frozen mango chunks and granulated sugar make this margarita the sweet and refreshing summertime beverage of everyone’s dreams. Because it calls for whole mango chunks, a blender is essential for Ree Drummond’s recipe. However, if you want a concentrate that can last you all season long, go for Margarita Man’s Mango Mix Concentrate — you probably won’t even need to restock! One half gallon of concentrate makes 3.5 gallons of finished drinks. At a reasonable price, we aren’t complaining. That’s a LOT of margaritas.

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