How To Get Wine Delivered Right To Your Door

how to get wine delivered to your door

Wine shipments may sound like a “wine snob” thing, but wine deliveries? Now that’s a smart people thing. Order online and get your favorite wine delivered straight to your door! 


Wine deliveries are just about as easy as buying anything else from an e-commerce shop (assuming you’re over 21). When you enter any wine-buying website, you’ll likely be prompted to type in your birthdate for age verification. Once approved, it’s time to start shopping! 

Check out bestseller lists, top-rated customer favorites, employee recommendations, or simply stick to Old Faithful if this isn’t your first time trying a particular vino. Once you’ve filled your cart with red, white, and rosé goodness, it’s time to checkout from the comfort of your couch.  


Before giving any shipping and/or payment information, you may be required to upload a photo of your ID. There are a lot of regulations when it comes to shipping alcohol so companies are simply complying with the rules based on their own individual licenses. Some companies may even require two forms of identification to prove that it’s the real you. 

That being said, some companies do not require ID approval at checkout. Instead, information is put against a database to ensure identities and ages of customers. This makes checkout as easy as can be, basically as seamless as ordering apparel at an online retailer.

It’s likely the company will ask upfront for your shipping zip code or address, that way they know whether or not it’s even possible to ship wine to your door. Every license is different in terms of where a company can ship — at Graham + Fisk's, we can ship to 41 states. 

And if you’re out of luck based on location, you have a couple options. First, try another wine shop to see if they can send wine to your door. Need a backup plan? Send your wine to a very trustworthy 21+ friend in another state and make them promise not to drink it until you visit. If they agree and follow through … well if that’s not friendship goals, we don’t know what is.

And if you’re set on location and don’t want to mess with the checkout process again, a subscription may be your best bet. Keep the wine coming (and secure a pretty sweet deal) when you opt for a monthly or quarterly subscription from wine retailers. 


This depends entirely on the company. At Graham + Fisk, we ship every order out as soon as possible so that you can get to relaxing with a can in hand ASAP (we’re talking a matter of days, people). It’s important to know that this isn’t always the case with companies that include a variety of wines from different distributors, so be prepared for a process that could take a little bit longer when it comes to these variety packs. 

Track your shipment through a confirmation or shipping notification email to see how long you have to wait until enjoying your vino. Knowing the delivery time will also be helpful, since it’s likely your presence will be required upon delivery. 


Your signature will be required, so plan on being home when your wine arrives. Have your I.D. handy too, just in case your state needs proof of age upon acceptance of the package. After that, enjoy the wine that travelled to your doorstep! You deserve it. 


Cans travel better than glass, plain and simple. Even though they are more resistant to damage, we still pack each order carefully to protect your wine. Cans are also lighter compared to bottles, so a 24-pack of our Mixed Variety Pack of cans (equivalent to 8 glass bottles of wine) doesn’t feel terribly bulky or impossible to lift when it arrives at your doorstep. Put some cans in the fridge for now, and set the rest aside for future adventures. 

If you’re running low, simply order again! Your wine may even arrive before the weekend. 

Erin Hooker

Erin Hooker is a writer with experience creating wine, food, and interior design content. She began contributing to Graham + Fisk’s blog in 2021.

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