The Best Drinking Games For Adults

The Best Drinking Games For Adults

Grab a group of friends, plenty of alcoholic beverages, and minimal supplies … and let the adult drinking games begin! 


These games are great if you can’t find a deck of cards (or if they’re trashed from the last get-together). All you need is a living room and some creative prompts to get these drinking games going. 

Never Have I Ever 

This game is a classic for a reason. It gets a group of acquaintances to know each other fast! Simply stand in a circle and start with the sentence “Never have I ever …” and anyone that’s done the thing, takes a sip. The person to the left repeats the game, and so on. Feel out the group by starting with more basic (a.k.a. boring) topics, and then move onto the juicy stuff. 

Most Likely To … 

This game is great for couples or close friends that know each other really well (or at least think they do). One pair goes at a time and stands back-to-back in front of the rest of the group. Then, the group asks “Who’s most likely to …” questions out loud. The person in the pair that thinks they’re most likely to do that thing, takes a drink. If both people drink, they drink again. If neither drinks, the group will instruct them both (yes, you will get yelled at) to take a sip. 


Dig out that deck of cards from the junk drawer, and deal out drinks to your friends all night long … 

Ride the Bus

This game works well for large groups because it’s like three games in one, and each phase deals out plenty of drinks to get the party started. It begins as a guessing game, similar to Roulette. Then, it transitions to building a pyramid on the table where players are given opportunities to dump their cards. Finally, the person with the most cards has to ride the bus, a point in the game that’s more than entertaining for those waiting their turn to play.

King’s Cup 

We can’t talk about drinking games without mentioning King’s Cup. Cards are drawn from the stack on the table, and each number correlates with a different activity/prompt. Study up before you play, so you aren’t holding back the group. 


When sitting on a couch isn’t cutting it, make room for these activities! Better yet, bring to the next backyard BBQ or a football tailgate. 

Beer Pong / Wine Pong

Raise your hand if you’ve played Beer Pong … everyone? Okay. Well then we’ll talk about Wine Pong, which has the exact same rules but played with Wine-In-A-Can instead. Arrange 10 cups in a pyramid shape on two sides of a table (ideally 8 feet long) and grab two ping-pong balls. Play 1v1 or 2v2. For official rules, go here.

And while we’re serving up instructions, it must also be said that graduating college means we also graduated from putting alcohol in the actual cups. Keep it sanitary and fill the cups with water instead, and sip from your own canned beverage on the side. 


Believe it or not, there are a lot of ways to make throwing a bean bag more fun. The most obvious way is to hold a canned beverage in your non-throwing hand and steadily sip on it throughout the game (a sure way to improve your throws). But there’s also a more competitive version — for every point scored against you, take a sip. Same goes for the other team. But remember, it’s just a game, people … it’s just a game.  


If Beer Pong is a low-key way to play a drinking game while watching sports, Flip Cup is just the opposite. Focus, energy, and teamwork is key here, and heckling is more than encouraged! Line up two rows of people on either side of a narrow table and place a cup with wine or beer in front of each person. The two people positioned across from each other at one end start drinking at the same time. Once they down their drinks, these players must set their cup on the edge of the table, and use one hand to flip it over so it settles top-side down. As soon as that happens, the next person on the team goes. The first side of the table to finish and flip every cup are the champs. 


Let’s be honest, almost any regular boxed game from the store can become a drinking game. Got a Sequence? Other person has to shotgun a beer. Went bankrupt in Monopoly? That one’s on you. But there are some board games that really cater to getting tipsy during a low-key game night with friends … 


This game is about as simple as it gets. Draw a card, read the prompt out loud, and drink … or make a friend drink … depending on what the card says.

5 Second Rule

This game isn’t explicitly labeled as a drinking game, but the UNCENSORED version is definitely … well, explicit … and hilarious for a good group of friends. Sit in a circle and the person to the left reads the prompt. You have just 5 seconds to give your answer before the clock runs out. If you say it in time, everyone else drinks, but if you fail, it’s your duty to indulge. For a game night where kids are also giving answers, pick up the regular version for more family-appropriate fun. 


Grab a Yahtzee game card and play the traditional rules … with one exception. Whenever there’s a Yahtzee, everyone takes a shot! Watch as this basic dice game turns into high-stakes fun.

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