Halloween Candy And Wine Pairings For 2021

candy and wine pairings

Trick or treat! Pair your wine with something good to eat … 

Don’t get us wrong, Halloween candy is great on its own. We’ve all snuck a piece from our kid’s Halloween pile, swiped a chocolate from the community bowl at the office, or maybe even purchased a 150 count bag of candy entirely for ourselves (no judgement here). But there is one thing that makes Halloween candy even better, and that’s when it’s paired perfectly with a glass of wine …  

Don’t roll your eyes yet! If you think wine pairings are a bunch of Hocus Pocus, we dare you to try these sweet, fizzy, and crunchy combinations for the ultimate Halloween candy experience. 


Peanut butter and chocolate might be the best pairing ever … but Cabernet Sauvignon and Reese’s is a close second. A rich red stands up to the thickness of the peanut butter, and the smoothness of the wine matches up with the peanut butter filling perfectly. Bonus points: This same pairing works well for any peanut butter candy including Reese’s Pieces, Peanut Butter M&Ms, and Take 5s. 


Wipe that pucker off your face with a chilled Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris (the Italian variety). This wine works with substantial flavors, like those in sour candy, and may even prevent your tongue from getting raw if sipped frequently. A sweet Riesling will also work well here if you want to keep the sugar rush going. 


Sure, Snickers “satisfies” — but Snickers and Malbec? That’s a pairing that fulfills everything we’ve ever wanted in wine and milk chocolate. Malbec is a big wine made for a substantial candy bar, and the rich flavors will compliment the peanuts, caramel, and nugget, satisfying hunger and thirst at the same time. 


Taste the rainbow AND the wine, with a Skittle and a Sauvignon Blanc pairing. White wine is definitely the way to go here, specifically a dry white wine to balance these super-sweet gems and draw out all of the fruity flavors of each individual color — yes, the colors taste different. Sauvignon Blanc is just light enough to let these chewy candies shine, but still adds a touch of maturity to the Skittle experience. 


For these small candy coated chocolates, it's important to pick a wine that won’t overwhelm Red, Yellow, and Ms. Brown, but can still stand up to the task if eating a handful at a time. A light Pinot Noir compliments the milk chocolate sweetness and will work well with nearly all varieties of this famous Halloween candy, including peanut, pretzel, and dark chocolate flavors. 


Take a break from the typical chocolate and red wine pairing and pop the Champagne (or a much more affordable sparkling wine) while enjoying crispy wafers coated in chocolate. Between the crunchy texture of the candy bar and the fizzy nature of the bubbly, this pairing tastes fun and festive. A sparkling red wine like a Lambrusco would also do the trick if red wine is more your “break time” thing. 


We know how contentious the Twizzler/Red Vines debate can be, but there’s one thing everyone can agree on — red candy ropes pair best with dry rosé. Strawberry or cherry flavor doesn’t matter here, it’s the dryness that cuts through the chewy texture. And since rosé is known for its red-fruit flavors, there’s no going wrong here … unless you’re choosing Red Vines of course. (Sorry, we had to.) 


This seasonal favorite is packed with a buttery, sweet taste, and only one wine works to bring out all of the complex flavors … okay, who are we kidding? Candy corn is pretty straightforward. You may love these orange and yellow cones or you may hate them, but a buttery Chardonnay makes the most sense here. Just make sure to take a big sip with the  pumpkin  variety. 

Of course, if you're going straight for Graham + Fisk's Wine-In-A-Can and have one of our HalloWine Packs on deck in the fridge, here's what we recommend to pair with each of our blends!

halloween candy pairings

Erin Hooker

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