Graham + Fisk's Spring Patio Essentials

spring patio essentials

Get ready … get set … GO! It’s time to patio

Are you in shape for spring? Not that type of shape. Patio shape. We’re talking about the type of shape that means chillin’ in a comfortable chair while sippin’ on a cold drink with family and friends. If you are, great (but read on just to make sure)! If not, you better get prepared … 

It only gets warmer from here. 

Be ready for those first long hangouts on sunny days with this list of our top 5 patio essentials — guaranteed to help make every second of our favorite season count. They might seem obvious, but we’ll bet you’ve forgotten one of these items at least once. Make a patio-ready backpack or set out these essentials someplace that’s easy to see, so you’re ready to patio, on-the-go, all of the time. 

Cans > Glass

How do we put this lightly? Basically, glass is outlawed during patio season. Nobody wants to walk barefoot two steps to a cooler and step on someone’s else’s broken bottle or beer cap. It’s dangerous and it isn’t cool. Glass simply doesn’t have any place on a patio — no exceptions. Luckily, most craft brews and the best wine around come in cans, so this really shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Stock up now, so you’re ready for hosting! 


That tired feeling that starts to sink in mid-afternoon can be easily prevented with a pair of stylish sunnies. Less wrinkles, improved eyesight, and a major fashion statement are just a few other benefits this patio accessory offers. Pick out sunglasses that are polarized for ultimate protection AND are durable enough to fall in the pool. Even better, find a go-to athletic style that works on the bike so you’re always prepared. 

Dog Bowl

At Graham + Fisk, we love our dogs. And if it were up to us, their water would be as cold as the cans of wine in our hands. Make sure to set out plenty of fresh water for your four-legged friend, and bring a collapsible bowl when heading out in public. Many restaurant and brewery patios offer disposable bowls, but you’ll guarantee your dog will be set when you bring their own along. Bonus points: Fill an insulated bottle with water just for them — now that’s true love! 


At this point in the year everyone should consider setting a basket of koozies by the door to the backyard. It’s just common courtesy to help out those guests that forgot to bring their own. Just kidding! But seriously, what did people do before individual beer and wine-sized can coolers came along? We have absolutely no idea. 

Sunscreen/Bug Spray

Another staple that is often overlooked (especially that first warm day) is sunscreen. Buy some now, and have zero regrets in the near future. You’ll protect your skin AND prevent a serious burn while day-drinking in the sun. In fact, studies show that people who day-drink without sunscreen burn faster than those not drinking at all. Seriously. We found an article on it. 

Another big patio essential is bug spray. As soon as the bugs come out, you can offer up some spray, so your patio squad is in good patio shape, for those long days that stretch into the evening hours.

Erin Hooker

Erin Hooker is a writer with experience creating wine, food, and interior design content. She began contributing to Graham + Fisk’s blog in 2021.

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