15 Perfect Occasions To Bring Canned Wine

best occasions for canned wine

You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a glass of vino! 

That’s because canned wine makes it easier than ever to sip on your favorite adult beverage. From casual get-togethers with friends to family vacations, birthday parties to the holiday season … canned wine works just about anywhere and with anyone! This summer and fall, grab your favorite cans and bring them along on all of your big adventures.

canned wine beach


The biggest rule on the beach (No Glass Bottles) is the easiest to follow when you bring cans of quality wine. Pack your favorite cooler with ice and drop in some White Wine, White Wine with Bubbles, or Rosé with Bubbles. Even your friends will realize that there’s something more refreshing about sparkling rosé compared to beer, especially by the water on a hot summer day. Exploring the West Coast this Fall? Bring a canned red wine to warm up with when it gets cold at sunset. 


canned wine boat


Boats and beers are a match made in heaven, but boats and canned wine? That’s a whole other level and honestly, even better. Bring both beers and wine and your crew is guaranteed to have a good time! Just make sure your designated boat driver knows the alcohol content — each can packs a punch with ⅓ of a bottle of wine (which is perfect for those just enjoying the ride). Keep white and rosé wines chilled in the cooler, and leave red wine at the house for some evening enjoyment. 


canned wine pool party


You know that phrase, “Rosé All Day”'? Yeah, that was pretty much invented at the pool. There might not be a better place for canned wine. After all, there’s certainly no place for wine in glass bottles at a pool party … so blow up some big animal pool floaties and bring a pack of canned wine. Your friends and family (especially the host) will thank you. Our personal favorites? The Summer Bubbles Box. With a mix of White Wine with Bubbles and Rosé with Bubbles, everyone lounging poolside will be set for a day of fun. 


canned wine rooftop patio


Put that apartment rooftop patio to good use and invite over a squad that appreciates good views paired with excellent canned wine. A variety pack of canned wine is the perfect choice, that way everyone can grab exactly what they want. Whether you’re staying put on the patio or pre-gaming to go out, there’s really no better way to keep the good vibes going than drinking wine from a can with friends while taking in the city or backyard views. 


canned wine for camping


Canned wine is easy to transport, and even easier to cart along on all of your camping adventures. It doesn’t matter if you’re Team Tent or Team RV, all campers will enjoy canned wine in the outdoors. Bonus: These narrow cans take up less space in the cooler so you can fit more food and the good stuff. Plus, your cans of red wine don’t even need refrigeration! Did you befriend the campsite next door? Offer up a can of wine before sharing stories around the fire for a special way to end the day. 


canned wine for hiking


What’s lighter than a can of beer, and is a better hiking companion? You guessed it — canned wine. When hiking, or popping the tab at the top of the mountain, canned wine just hits different. Maybe it’s the higher alcohol content, or the rich and delicious flavor, but nothing is more refreshing while walking along a trail than a can of vino. Pack any cold cans in a koozie so you can enjoy them at a good temperature later on. Staying overnight? Bring a few to sip on by the campfire. 


canned wine for a bbq


You’ve seen it before, a BBQ where there’s only cans of soda and light beer in sight.  Not anymore! Bring canned wine to your next backyard BBQ. Don’t get us wrong, we love a can of beer, but there’s a better way to kick off the day drinking. Everyone from the grill master to those breaking out the potluck sides will appreciate cooling off with a refreshing can of wine and then moving to the lighter stuff later on in the day. Canned wine also pairs well with any BBQ main, picnic side, or easy dessert, so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice. 


canned wine volleyball


Sand volleyball requires a special skill, and that skill is sipping on a refreshing drink before spiking the ball to the other side. Mix it up with cans of wine! Canned wine is lighter and (when chilled) more refreshing than any other adult beverage, so you can spend the afternoon playing volleyball while getting your day buzz on. Anyone else play better after a can or two of wine? Yep, we’ve been there. 


canned wine football


Okay, let’s pause for a sec, and just appreciate that football season is right around the corner. Do you feel the excitement? Taste the grilled burgers and stadium brats? Remember what it’s like to wear a sweatshirt outside? Good! Now imagine all of the best parts of a football tailgate, with a can of wine in hand. Enough said. 


canned wine bonfire


If you’re lucky enough to have a fire pit in your very own backyard, consider having a pack of canned red wine at the ready. Canned wine is perfect for winding down after a long work week or breaking out the s’mores with the fam, and red wine is the best choice for the upcoming fall season. Grab your favorite outdoor blankets, some camping chairs, and invite over your friends for a cozy night of canned wine and good times. 



Did your friend ask you to help them unpack? Are you asking your friends to help you with move-in day? Make it easier on everyone with canned wine (as long as you’re done driving the moving truck). Nothing pairs better with slices of pizza, Chex-Mix, or whatever else is sitting on the counter than a can of wine. Leave an extra pack as a housewarming gift in their fridge. Trust us, they’ll thank you when they have to start organizing everything in their new place and can enjoy a much-needed drink while doing so.



It’s classier than beer, but easier than a shot of the cheap stuff! Canned wine is the best birthday party beverage, no matter how old the b-day gal or guy is turning. Also, not everyone likes beer. Cans of wine guarantee that everyone indulging has something to sip on, and will make the one-liners and gentle roasts that much better. 



Speaking of volleyball, pretty much any adult sports leagues or post-event celebration is a good time to cheers with a can of wine. Softball, baseball, bowling, pickleball … we could go on and on. As long as the premises are BYOB, then BYOW counts too. And if things weren’t getting rowdy before, we can almost guarantee that cans of wine after winning will get everyone in the mood to celebrate the big victory late into the night. 



Canned wine’s versatility makes it easy to go from the rented vacation home, to the beach, to the boat, to the patio, back to the vacation home for the pre-game (you get the picture) … it’s easy to drink all day long. While enjoying alcoholic beverages from sun-up to sundown on a bachelor/bachelorette party isn’t a total requirement, it happens more often than not. Enjoy every can when you bring a variety pack of canned wine along on the weekend getaway



We know we’re a long way off from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the holiday season, but let’s face it! The holidays will be here before we know it. Prepare ahead with boxes of canned wine, so you’re ready whenever friends, family, and coworkers get together. And don’t even get us started on Friendsgiving! Ditch the glass bottles and go with cans — your friends will appreciate the laid-back vibe. 


Still can't find an occasion? That's okay, because canned wine bodes perfectly fine in the comfort of your own home. It's perfect for a chill night in watching Netflix, and they serve as perfect pairings for dinnertime. How are you enjoying your canned wine? Follow us on our social channels and let us know!

Erin Hooker

Erin Hooker is a writer with experience creating wine, food, and interior design content. She began contributing to Graham + Fisk’s blog in 2021.

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