Valentine's Day Date Ideas For Wine Lovers

valentines day date ideas

Send it to your sweetheart, best friend, or Mom (yes, you should send your Mom a Valentine) … and enjoy these Valentine’s Day activities while drinking Wine-In-A-Can. 

The holidays are over, but there’s another one just around the corner. And as a canned wine company, we’re always looking for the next reason to celebrate. Luckily, we didn’t have to look too far ahead. After all, what better reason is there to celebrate than LOVE? Love of significant others, love of friends, love of those we appreciate … and love of wine, of course. 

That’s a good enough reason for us. 

This 8-pack has several options including our famous Rosé with Bubbles, Red Wine-In-A-Can, or a variety pack of both. Not to mention, it comes in the sweetest box covered in (you guessed it) hearts. If you’re celebrating this Valentine's Day far away from your special someone, or want to make a friend really smile, you can even include a Chocolate Sweeter Card — a chocolate bar and greeting all in one.  

After ordering the Valentine's Day 8-pack, enjoy your wine with our best Valentine's Day date ideas and raise a can to love! 


  • Go Outdoors — Canned wine is made for adventure! Pack a couple of cans in a backpack and go for a snowshoe or ski. Bonus points if you bring cheese and charcuterie along for the view at the top. 
  • Game Night — What better way to celebrate February 14th than inviting over another couple, or your best group of friends, and playing games while cracking open a couple cans of wine? It’s a perfect way to spend the day for those that don’t want to get too mushy gushy about it. 
  • Picnic — If the weather is nice and the stars are out, nothing says romance or “let’s get away from it all” than a nighttime picnic. Pick up some takeout on the way to the spot, or simply pack dessert and Wine-In-A-Can for a low-key romantic evening. 
  • Movie Marathon — Pick a series (James Bond, anyone?) or a theme (hello, Rom Coms), and run with it … all night long. Pair with the Valentines Day 8-pack, or make a funny drinking game out of something ridiculous, like every time He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is mentioned while watching Harry Potter. 
  • Breakfast in Bed — We hear eggs and bacon pair great with Rosé with Bubbles, not like we’ve tried it or anything … kidding, we totally have. Pour in a fancy glass if that’s more your significant other’s style and enjoy bubbles with breakfast. 
  • Secret Valentine — Drop off an 8-pack of wine on your friend’s doorstep and let them wonder all night long who it was. You can choose to reveal yourself or not … after all, the secret part is half the fun, especially if you know it will drive them crazy. 
  • Make a Couple’s Bucket List — This one is for those that like to dream big! Make a list for 2022 of date ideas or sightseeing goals, and write them down together on a piece of paper. Tip: Nothing gets the ideas flowing like a can of wine. 
  • Take a Virtual Class — Break out the paints, pasta-making ingredients, or terrarium plants, and try something new with your significant other in an online class. Maybe it’s a YouTube tutorial or a formal virtual paid class, but either way you both are bound to have fun doing something different together with a can of wine in hand. 
  • Volunteer (and cheers with wine after!) — What better way to celebrate love than by helping out an organization you both care about? Maybe it’s walking dogs at the animal rescue or cleaning a park. Just make sure to celebrate your efforts with Wine-In-A-Can afterwards. 
  • Candlelit Dinner — Cliché? Maybe. But it pairs with wine and therefore, it’s always a good idea.

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