Mocktail Mixers For Dry January

mocktail mixers for dry january

Whether you’re participating in Dryuary, or are just wanting to cut back a bit after frequent drinking over the holidays, these are some sober-curious options for those that love mixing up a fancy cocktail after work. 

Don’t worry — you won’t find any sparkling ciders or grape juices on this list. There are more NA and low-alcohol mocktail mixers now than ever before that taste just as sophisticated and delicious as the “real” thing you’re used to. 

For those wondering what a mocktail is, it’s a cocktail without alcohol. So how does a mocktail mixer work? As it turns out, there’s a lot of flavor from botanicals, herbs, and natural essences that when blended, resemble the complexities found in signature spirits. Stock your bar cart with these mixes and buy quality tonic water, ginger ale, or club soda. The best part? Some of these mocktails don’t even require refrigeration after you open them, so you can display their beautiful labels all month long right next to your regular alcoholic bottles. 

Savory Mocktail 

For the lovers of the dirty martini, Bloody Mary, or oyster shooter — Pentire Adrift leans a little less sweet and more savory. But don’t worry about mixing this beverage with tonic water or ginger beer. It gets rave reviews when accompanied by almost anything, and purchasers even gave this a lot of credit for the closest to a non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic. 

Perfect Patio Mocktail 

Daydream about warmer weather with Sunwink Wellness Tonics, or simply add this drink to your winter getaway shopping list. These elevated sparkling beverages are designed to replace that end-of-day cocktail with relaxing herbs and spices. Even if the drink doesn’t improve your mood, seeing the bottles in your fridge certainly will. With bright colors and summer-y flavors, these mocktails are like a fancier sparkling water … and better. Way better, not to mention a great accompaniment to healthy meals. 

Tropical Kick 

Is a spicy margarita or Dark ‘N Stormy your signature drink? Then you’re in luck for Dryuary, because Curious Elixirs No. 2 is the perfect balance of elevated sweet and spicy flavors. With hundreds of five-star reviews, and 8 cocktails in a 4-bottle pack, this drink is the perfect way to support your wellness goals in the New Year. Curious Elixirs recommends serving up No. 2 over ice with a squeeze of lime and a sea salt rim. Relaxation awaits! 

Mood-Boosting Negroni 

Made for Negroni drinkers, Aperol Spritz enthusiasts, or those that enjoy something rich, punchy, and earthy. This one is also from Curious Elixirs, and is their flagship No. 1. It’s a bestseller for it’s bitter, fruity taste and makes a sober night in Dryuary or during the fall not a problem at all. Enjoy the elevated flavors and a burst of energy from rhodiola, meant to help keep you awake and engaged all night long. 

Garden Party 

It’s impossible to have a list of non-alcoholic mocktails and not include the Seedlip brand. These signature flavors won international awards and are even sold at major grocery stores around the country, so you don’t necessarily need to order online. Made with an abundance of fresh fruits, herbs, and spices, these mocktails are made to be enjoyed during Dryuary all the way into spring. 

After-Dinner Nightcap 

One of these Three Spirit Elixirs is actually referred to as “Nightcap”, but we wanted to include the top-three bestsellers by this sober brand in our mocktail roundup so you can try them all. Nightcap is famous for its tannic and almost wine-like taste, while Livener and Social Elixir include caffeine to help you get the party started while staying sober. Who knows, your friends might even ask for a drink!

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