The Best Sparkling Wines For Spring

The Best Sparkling Wines For Spring

April showers bring May bubbles! Because the best time of year for sparkling wine is when the flowers bloom and the grass turns green … 

A lot of folks ring in the New Year with bottles of bubbly, only to open another for a birthday or special occasion before the next batch of wintertime holiday parties. But we think bubbles are for year-round fun (special occasion or not), which is exactly why we have two types of sparkling canned wines. After all, what is more refreshing than bubbles on a warm spring day? What mixes great with orange juice, pineapple juice, and the like for a mimosa bar during Easter brunch? What is a wine everybody can get in on while playing games on the patio with friends? Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles! 

Cheers to patio days and longer nights with these sparkling wines for spring. 

White Wine with Bubbles

Yes, it’s our wine. Yes, it’s delicious. But even better, it comes in a can so you won’t risk shooting a cork at somebody’s face! White Wine with Bubbles is crisp and refreshing, and the perfect spring cocktail mixer (French 75, anyone?). Take it to a friend’s house or to Grandma’s — it’s the perfect spring wine for everyone. 

Rosé with Bubbles

It’s White Wine with Bubble’s partner in crime — our award-winning Rosé variety. This wine is fruitier and juicier, but not too sweet. Pour in a glass to appreciate the bright pink color, and don’t forget to pack for an outdoor picnic. Pairs great with cheese, charcuterie, and plenty of pool time as soon as the weather turns nice. 

Dry Sparkling Riesling

Rieslings are known for their lower alcohol content, but this dry sparkling riesling from California is heavier at 13%. Still, reviewers enjoy the pineapple and lime notes and claim it still tastes refreshing, even if it packs a bigger punch. Enjoy with dessert and spicy Asian dishes. 


If there’s any time to enjoy a sparkling red wine, it’s spring. Lambruscos are known for being ultra fruity, a little fizzy, and sometimes a tad too sweet — but as the weather warms up and the charcuterie moves to a table outside, nothing hits the spot quite like a Lambrusco. Grab a bottle for your next dinner party and pair with dry salami and creamy cheeses. The bubbles will get everyone’s appetite going and it will break up the rosés and whites guests brought over as a hosting gift. Hint: You should open those too. 

Lambrusco Rosé

Don’t be taken aback by bottles claiming to be Rosé Lambrusco — there is such a thing, and it’s a thing you should definitely try. There are white Lambruscos as well, but for a sparkling Rosé that’s sweet and fruity, this is a good option for a dessert-style wine. 


Champagne and Prosecco are perfect choices for Valentine’s Day, Easter brunch, or to pop when your horse wins the Kentucky Derby. But for all other bottles of bubbly, turn to Cava for a more affordable and crowd-pleasing sparkling wine. Cava is a sparkling wine from Spain and can be enjoyed all springtime long from a flute glass or as a mixer with your favorite cocktail.

Erin Hooker

Erin Hooker is a writer with experience creating wine, food, and interior design content. She began contributing to Graham + Fisk’s blog in 2021.

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