How To Soak Up The Last Month Of Summer

what to do in august

How is it August already?  

That’s what we’re saying every year at this time, because summer goes by way too fast! And we’re not ready for it to end. Patios, beach time, backyard barbecues, volleyball games … but seriously, what’s better than summer? 

No need to get bummed out about the end of the season quite yet, though. That’s because there’s a whole month left of longer days and fun activities on the weekends, which is plenty of time to get together with family and friends before the fall activities get in full swing. Pools don’t close for another four weeks, patios are still offering summer happy hour deals, and you can check out events in your area for endless opportunities to find something new to do. 

Make the most of the last month of summer, with these top activities for August … 


Did you start the season talking about trying new places, only to get stuck going to the same reliable bars and restaurants? August is the month to finally give them a shot! Make a list of all of the places you and your friends talked about going, and then plan on trying them before the patio season is done. If you want to knock a few out at once, make a crawl to commemorate it! Pick a summer theme and have a blast while trying the best new spots in town. 

A Graham + Fisk Pro Tip: Look at happy hour deals or special events in advance, that way you can score the best prices on food and drinks. We also recommend going on a “regular” night where you can get a taste of what their patio is all about. Special events might draw a unique crowd, or if it’s an event that appeals to you, then use the occasion to try out that patio! 


The best time of year to visit the farmer’s market is at the tail-end of summer, and that’s because it’s the beginning of harvest season. Grab your canvas tote bags and pick up fresh produce, baked goods, specialty products, and so much more! It’s a perfect morning date idea and a great family outing. Do you enjoy dog watching? You’ll love seeing all of the pups stroll from stall to stall. 

A Graham + Fisk Pro Tip: Pick up cash at your bank’s ATM beforehand. You’ll be prepared if the vendor doesn’t take cards or mobile payments. Plus, you can avoid any high fees at random ATMs in the area. 


Maybe you didn’t have the time or couldn’t afford a “real” vacation this summer — good news! You can always make time for a big day trip or a quick weekend getaway. Sometimes the best vacations are the most random (themed bed and breakfast, anyone?) or the most simple (a cabin on a lake). Pick a trip in a comfortable price range and where travel won’t be an issue (like a nonstop flight or destination within driving distance). Then, pack your bag and get ready to have a fun weekend away from the regular routine.  

A Graham + Fisk Pro Tip: Create a general itinerary for the weekend so everyone’s on the same page of what activities to hit, where the dinner reservations are, and when you need to show up. But don’t forget to leave some room in the schedule for spontaneity too! You never know what sort of fun activities or local attractions you might find on the road.


Nothing says summer quite like roaming the fairgrounds with friends! Drink ice cold beer out of Styrofoam cups, chow down on corn dogs and funnel cakes, and see unique attractions you truly can’t witness anywhere else (like the largest bull in town). The State Fair is a nice way to enjoy everything that your home has to offer. From impressive animals and 4-H competitions, to exciting food vendors that everyone will be talking about, there’s something about the State Fair that is the perfect wrap-up to summer.

A Graham + Fisk Pro Tip: Weekdays are the best fair days. Take a day off of work on an afternoon with good weather and enjoy shorter lines for all of the rickety rides, fried foods (Twinkie on a stick), and so you can linger longer with the animals.


Outdoor concerts, preferred! Check out free concerts and events in your area on Eventbrite, and get your picnic basket ready. You can also look up outdoor concerts at larger amphitheaters and see if you can snag some last-minute tickets to big name headliners. It’s even better if you can see the weather in advance, and know exactly what sort of temperatures to prepare for. 

A Graham + Fisk Pro Tip: A lot of free outdoor concerts at neighborhood amphitheaters let you bring your own food and beverages. Fill a small cooler with cans of wine and some picnic food, and have yourself a relaxing summer evening. 


This might seem random, but cobbler is truly the easiest dessert and the most delicious way to enjoy the best of August’s produce. Peaches are in full swing. Apples are just getting started. Berries are at the end of the season but can still be found for a great price. All you need is a square baking dish, some flour, oats, brown sugar, butter, and top it off with vanilla ice cream — chef’s kiss! 

A Graham + Fisk Pro Tip: If baking isn’t really your thing, use all of the extra fruit during this time of year to make some sangria! Peaches go well with a mix of white wine and peach-flavored vodka. Berries are excellent in red or rosé wine, like our very own Red White & Blue sangria recipe. 


You know what’s easier than organizing a big group outing to bars and restaurants? Inviting everyone over to a backyard hangout. Grill some burgers and brats, and request that your friends bring over their favorite side dish. Pack the cooler with cans of wine on ice and everyone is guaranteed to have a good time.

A Graham + Fisk Pro Tip: The Summer Bubbles Box is the best pairing for a backyard BBQ. Enjoy a variety of white wine with bubbles and rosé with bubbles — a refreshing drink to complement hearty main dishes and creamy picnic pasta and potato salads.


This amazing season of sunshine, “Summer Fridays” in workplaces, and more free time is (sadly) coming to an end. Don’t get us wrong — golfing in the fall is great. It’s just that the Fall can get busy really, really fast. If golfing is one of your favorite pastimes, forget the rest of the list and just soak up the longest days of the year on the course. Enjoy a cold beer or a can of wine afterwards and cheers to the best part of summer. 

A Graham + Fisk Pro Tip: Ask your favorite course if they carry canned wine. If they don’t, ask why not. You know who they can call. 


Did your tent see the outdoors this summer? Did you put off the camping trip because other fun activities came up instead that were a little more convenient? Designate one weekend, maybe even just a night, to enjoy some fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of town. Keep food and drinks simple (canned beverages over glass containers, always), and pick up a wood pile or two for the best part of camping — the campfire, of course. 

A Graham + Fisk Pro Tip: We’ll keep it simple — bring sunscreen and bug spray. There’s nothing worse than returning from a what-should-have-been-fun camping trip with bites all over your arms, legs and feet (the worst). Oh, and don’t forget to pack the canned wine

From all of us at Graham + Fisk, we hope you’ve had a wonderful summer! Cheers to another month of drinking great wine with family and friends.

Erin Hooker

Erin Hooker is a writer with experience creating wine, food, and interior design content. She began contributing to Graham + Fisk’s blog in 2021.

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