The Best Liquors To Buy For Fall 2022

best liquor to try in 2022

As the leaves begin to change and the weather a little crisper, drink preferences start to veer darker (fast!) — which is why we’ve gathered some of our favorite fall liquor options to celebrate this seasonal shift … 

You might notice your friends drinking less G&Ts, and more whiskey sodas. You’ll see fewer limes and more orange-peel garnishes. And just like those bulky sweaters come out of hiding, so do the pantry-crowding copper cups! Dust them off and fill them up, and find your favorite spirits to enjoy this fall season. 

Get started with our complete list of fall liquors, and be sure to break them out as soon as the first leaf falls .. 


Rum might not be your first choice for a fall liquor — but it makes a great base for an assortment of autumn cocktails. Enjoy rum in everything from spooky, dry-ice-filled punches to sophisticated, slow-sipping drinks served in pretty glassware. Whether your cocktail style is more on the festive and fun side, or if you prefer to take mixology seriously, there’s truly a rum for everyone come fall … 


mount gay rum


Mount Gay Rum Black BarrelWith notes of vanilla and toffee, we can’t think of a better rum option to warm you up. Find your next favorite cocktail recipe on their website! They have a number of rum twists on favorite classics like the Out of Office  — a perfect switch-up on the Old Fashioned, and the ideal fall cocktail to kick off the weekend. It’s a simple and delicious citrus + cinnamon drink. 

brugal 1888 rum

Brugal 1888 — If your fall means bonfires and time spent doing rugged, outdoor things, you might consider a smoky rum like Brugal 1888. This one is smooth and flavorful with all of the elements of a rich, oak-aged liquor that we like to enjoy on a crisp fall day. As an added bonus, it’s not too heavy on the spice, and tastes great when mixed with ginger ale. 

the severed hand rum

The Severed HandFair warning, the price on this one is on-par with top-shelf liquors, and might not work with your budget. However, we all know those people who love to decorate with giant spiders and full-size skeletons during the spooky season. If you’re already planning a Haunted House, you need a bottle like this on your bar cart. 


While whiskey is a great spirit for year-round enjoyment, there’s something special about whiskey in the fall. It’s the perfect liquor to transition away from the summertime drinks, without being too heavy on the palate if the weather is sunny and temperatures are mild. Some of our favorite fall cocktails featuring whiskey include the John Collins (a Tom Collins where whiskey replaces gin), an Apple Whiskey Smash, and the Whiskey Sour — which really never goes out of season. Here are some of our favorite whiskeys to try this fall … 

crown royal apple

Crown Royal AppleIs apple picking on your fall bucket list? If so, you might just want to add this fall liquor to your to-drink list. It has incredible flavor for a flavored whiskey, and is a deliciously festive fall shot. Find this whiskey at most liquor and grocery stores around the country, or present it as a seasonal housewarming gift. 

jameson irish whiskey

Jameson Irish WhiskeyIs there any drink more simple or more perfect for fall than a Jameson and Ginger Ale? This two-ingredient cocktail starts with a mild whiskey, and is topped with everyone’s favorite sweet mixer. Avoid using ginger beer — the flavor will overpower the Jameson. If a Dark & Stormy is what you want, use a good rum instead. 

tincup american whiskey

Tincup American Whiskey — For non-flavored whiskey, choose Tincup from Colorado. This fall liquor is a good way to transition away from clear summer spirits. While it isn’t as smooth as Bourbon, whiskey makes a great cocktail and isn’t too bad straight-up. Bring it along on a late-season camping trip to enjoy around the fire with friends. 

fireball whiskey

Fireball WhiskeyCall us crazy, but unless you’ve had a bad experience with Fireball, it’s really one of the most enjoyable shots around. Make this convenience store liquor classy by mixing it with hot apple cider. Two things are certain when it comes to a Fireball cocktail, you won’t need to add cinnamon and it will instantly warm you up.  


Yes there’s whiskey, and then there’s Bourbon whiskey. This fall liquor category is the smoother of the two, and makes rich cocktails that will instantly improve your mixology game. Generally, they come in at a higher price point than regular whiskey, but the barrel-aged goodness that comes out of the Bourbon-making process is well worth it. Just getting started? Begin with the best bourbons for fall … 

bulleit burboun

Bulleit Bourbon — We all need a bourbon that mixes well in everything from an Old Fashioned, to a Manhattan, and let’s face it … straight-up. Bulleit gets the job done at a fraction of the price of other high-quality fall liquors and can be enjoyed all season long. Plus, the orange label is a perfect complement to the changing leaves outside.  

widow jane bourbon

Widow Jane  — We really liked the label on this one. It’s great for a Western-style bar, or on the bar cart for the spooky season … but it’s not just what’s on the outside that got our attention! This fall liquor was voted as one of the best bourbons of 2022 on, and the 5-star reviews makes us want to pour a glass ASAP. 

breckenridge bourbon whiskey

Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey  Is fall the time of year you look for deals on cozy furniture and pumpkin decor? Are you eyeing a leather chair and some sheepskin accents? We can get even more specific if you’d like … but whatever you do, make sure you set Breckenridge Bourbon on display to really embrace all of those cozy chic vibes. 

woodford reserve

Woodford Reserve — If you want your drink to include visions of horse pastures changing colors in the fall, then a drink with Woodford Reserve will satisfy every sense. Are we overselling it? Honestly, probably not. There’s a reason Woodford Reserve is a staple for Bourbon drinkers. It’s smooth and relatively inexpensive. If you like Woodford Reserve, Blanton’s is also a big winner, but can come in on the pricier side. 


There’s margarita-ready blanco tequilas and we have yellow Reposados (which are also great for summer), and then finally, it’s the smoothest tequila of all — barrel aged Añejos.There are a lot of reasons to appreciate tequila in the fall, from smoky drinks to apple adaptions on margaritas, but an Añejo adds a dozen more reasons to list. The color of this fall liquor is golden in hue, and complements the darker liquors on the shelf. It’s great for late night sipping on the rocks or neat, but it can also make some of the most interesting cocktails around. Here are just a few of the best Añejos for fall …

patron tequila

PATRON AÑEJO TEQUILAPatron actually has two Añejos in their repertoire, one being aged much longer. This is the younger of the two, and gets exceptional reviews. Due to their aging process, Añejo tequilas tend to be sold at a higher price point than blanco and reposado tequilas — but not this one! You can get it for less than $50. 

don julio tequila

DON JULIO 1942 TEQUILA — This tequila almost has a cult-level following and that’s because it’s truly one of the easiest-drinking liquors around. If we could get one bottle all of the time for the fall season, this might be it. But since it’s priced just under $200, it might not work with most budgets, and can make a special occasion feel like a big celebration. 

maestro tequila
MAESTRO DOBEL AÑEJO TEQUILA — While this brand might not be as well known as Patron or Don Julio, the reviews don’t lie. Tequila enthusiasts love this option, appreciate the value for the price, and say it even “drinks like a whiskey.” Now that’s a spirit we can get behind this fall season!

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