The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers

wine gifts for christmas

Forget the fancy bottle wrapped in a red bow — these holiday gifts are perfect for every wine lover on your nice list. 


Wine Glass Ornament 

Sure, you could give a friend a wine glass, but a miniature wine glass they can hang on their tree is way more fun.

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Wine Glass Christmas Tree Ornament Red - Wondershop™  

Cheeky Holiday Sign 

This sign is a must-buy if the wine lover in your life also happens to be a farmhouse fanatic with a sense of humor.

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Wooden Wine Sign by Woodticks on Etsy 


Champagne Candle 

We all know someone who prefers pjs to going out. Get them this candle so they can relax with Champagne vibes while watching the NYE festivities on TV this year. 

Buy now: Champagne Cheer Scented Candle

Wine Soaps 

Not only are these bars beautifully handmade, but the suds actually smell like wine with an added sweet scent.

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Wine Soaps — Set of 4 

Wine Stopper 

Simple and useful, a monogrammed wine stopper is always a good idea! Plus, it makes any half-drunk bottle on the counter a little more sophisticated.

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Alphabet Marble Wine Stopper 


Tasting Journal 

Not only is a tasting journal fun for those that dive into the nuances of every bottle, but it’s a great gift for that friend who’s expressed that they want to get more into wine. Help them keep track of what they try.

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Wine Journal (Notebook) 

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide

If you don’t own it already, gift this book to yourself. Once you start learning more about wines with fun maps, charts, and pairings, you won’t want to stop.

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Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide by Madeline Puckette 

Polishing Cloths 

Help the “host with the most” keep their stemware shiny and spotless with these handy reusable cloths.

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SALT™ Microfiber Glass Polishing Cloth 


Wine Glass Necklace 

Will they use it a lot? Maybe not. Will they love it? Absolutely. This wine glass necklace is next-level hilarious, and great for a holiday bash with friends or in preparation for a trip to Napa.

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Wine Glass Necklace 

Floating Drink Holder + Serving Tray 

Anyone that has a pool or hot tub needs a floating tray for chips and guac, and an ice bucket for the Champagne of course. Keep it all in one place with this impressive floating food and drink station.

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DIVEBLAST: Premium Floating Drink Holder for Pools & Hot Tub 

Wine Glass with Straw 

This glass might make wine snobs cringe, but this gift is so fun it will make anyone wonder — why didn’t wine glasses have built-in straws before?

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Wino Guzzler 


Wine Dispensing Purse

Not only does this purse elevate a warm-weather outfit to serious vacay vibes, but it provides more functionality than any other purse in the universe. That’s because it has a built-in wine dispenser for beach days, football games, and sipping vino poolside.

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PortoVino Wine Purse Canvas

Wine Socks 

Dress up the gents in your life with these red wine socks.

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Wine Lover Celebration Socks 


Wine Dog Toys 

Forget chew toys, give a pup a drink toy. This 3-pack of adorable bottles will make any owner smile, and will keep their dog entertained all holiday season long.

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ZippyPaws Happy Hour Crusherz Wine Dog Toy - 3pk

Cat and Dog Wine 

If your friend prefers drinking with a fur buddy to going out with people (we totally get it) then this is the absolute best gift you could give. Yes, this is wine for cats and dogs made with pet-friendly ingredients. Plus, every purchase helps rescues across the U.S.A. 

Buy now: PetWineShop 


Get them a canned 24-pack of award-winning wine. Best. Present. Ever. 

Buy now: Graham + Fisk’s Countdown to Christmas

Erin Hooker

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