The Best Beers For Christmas

best christmas beer

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is …” 

By bringing beer! That’s how the Elf quote goes, right? 

These are the best beers for Christmas in 2021, but lucky for us they can be enjoyed all winter long! Whether you want something dark and intense, or light and crispy, we’ve got ideas for all your holiday shenanigans. As an added bonus, these beers might even make a great holiday gift for beer-loving friends. 


This barrel-aged stout is about as boozy (and delicious) as any stout can be. Pairs best with a blizzard, fire and a movie, or really any activity that keeps you on the couch before a long winter’s nap. But now at Total Wine: New Holland Dragon’s Milk 4-pack, Total Wine 


When the weather outside is frightful, your beer can be delightful — especially with a snow measuring stick on the side of the can! Accumulation is one of the best hazy IPAs around, and is a cabin staple for any ski trip. Buy now at Drizly: Accumulation Winter Hazy IPA 


With notes of peaches and nuts, this beer tastes like Christmas in the South. It’s on the sweeter side, but still a crowd-pleaser for any holiday gathering. So whether you’re bringing a 6-pack over to the neighbors or to Grandmother’s house you go, this is the best Christmas beer to bring everyone cheer. Buy now at Walmart: Shiner Holiday Cheer 


With a slogan like “The Champagne of Beers,” this easy-drinking light beer should always be included in the holiday brew roundup. Pair with game night or ice fishing, and don’t forget to pick up a 6-pack of pony bottles for a holiday brunch. Buy now at Target: Miller High Life Beer 


Buy a 12-pack of Stella and you immediately have a festive fridge ready for hosting. Maybe it’s the green bottle with gold and red accents, or just the incredibly refreshing taste, but Stella is a staple come Christmas time. Stock up now, and sip on this delicious beer at any holiday party. Buy now at Walmart: Stella Artois Lager 


Another high-ABV brew, this one is smoky and earthy compared to the milkshake-like Dragon’s milk. If you like rich flavors such as dark fruits, caramel, and vanilla, this beer is for you. (Although it’s hard to imagine any stout-lover not appreciating this tasty and adorably-packaged brew.) Buy now at Total Wine: Founders Backwoods Bastard 


A little spice and everything nice … this beer isn’t as available as others on the list, but it is worth seeking out. Cinnamon, ginger, and honey give this malty beer plenty of flavor reminiscent of the holiday season. Buy now at Belgian Style Ales: Great Lakes Christmas Ale 


There are dozens of delicious craft stouts, and it's definitely worth finding a local favorite near you. However, sometimes you want to stock the fridge with a stout that’s not terribly alcoholic, and something everyone will like. There’s a reason why Guinness is so popular, and that’s because it checks all the boxes. Buy now at Target: Guinness Draught Beer

Erin Hooker

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