How To Make "The Barbie Cocktail": Your Pink Gateway to Glamour

the barbie cocktail drink

Welcome, dear reader! Today, I have a special treat for you. We're about to embark on a journey to create a cocktail that's as dazzling and vibrant as Barbie herself!

Get ready to prepare "The Barbie Cocktail," a drink that brings together a sparkling concoction of exotic flavors, wrapped in an irresistible pink charm. The star of our show? Graham + Fisk's Rosé With Bubbles Wine!

Video Tutorial

We've made it even easier for you to follow along by creating a detailed YouTube video showing exactly how to make the Barbie Cocktail. It's a must-watch! (Video embedded at the top of the post).

Why the Barbie Cocktail?

Now, you might ask, why a cocktail named after Barbie? This creation pays homage to the latest Barbie movie hitting the screens soon. In the spirit of Barbie, known for her fashion-forward thinking and delightful charm, this cocktail embodies all of that and more!

Star Ingredient: Graham + Fisk's Rosé With Bubbles Wine

Our key ingredient is Graham + Fisk's Rosé With Bubbles Wine, a carbonated California rosé blend of Zinfandel and unoaked Chardonnay. It's crisp, slightly sweet, and its notes of strawberry make it easy to sip and enjoy. It’s the perfect topper that brings our Barbie Cocktail to life.

The Barbie Cocktail Recipe

The ingredients you'll need for a single serving are:

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of making the Barbie Cocktail.

Step 1: Mix it up

  • Start by pouring .5oz Lemon Juice & .5oz Lime Juice into your cocktail shaker.
  • Next, measure .5oz Watermelon Juice and put into the shaker.
  • .5oz Aperol comes next, into the shaker.
  • .5oz Apple Brandy into the shaker.
  • .5oz Campari into the shaker.
  • .5oz Bourbon into the shaker.

Step 2: Shake and strain

Add ice into the cocktail shaker and give a good shake of the concoction. Then strain into a glass of your choosing.

Step 3: The Grand Finale

The final step? Add a generous amount of Graham + Fisk's Rosé With Bubbles Wine on top of the cocktail. That's the magical touch that sets this cocktail apart.

Savor the Experience

There you have it! You've successfully crafted the Barbie Cocktail. Now, take a moment to admire your creation, then take that first delightful sip.

The Barbie Cocktail is not just a drink—it’s an experience. The sparkle of Graham + Fisk's Rosé With Bubbles Wine, the colorful array of ingredients, all culminating in a taste that's unique and invigorating. So, next time you're in the mood for a drink that matches Barbie's iconic style and spirit, remember, The Barbie Cocktail awaits. Cheers to you, cocktail connoisseur!

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