The Absolute Best Alcohol Advent Calendars Of 2021

alcohol christmas advent calendars

The countdown until Christmas couldn’t feel any more festive with these wine, beer, and cocktail calendars! 

Even if you decide to drink them out of order, or share them all at once with friends, these alcohol advent calendars will look great on your bar cart or in your fridge. Plus, the variety of flavors is just another reason to enjoy these sets during the most wonderful time of the year. 

Give as a gift, surprise a significant other, or share with a roommate, but order now so you won’t have too much catching up to do! 


Try a new beer every day until Christmas with this 24-pack of craft brews from seven different breweries. Unlike other variety pack sets, every single can is different. This is truly an advent calendar for a craft beer enthusiast, and the best part is that you don’t even need to order online.  Find this variety pack at major grocery stores around the country including retailers like Target. Enjoy 13 different styles including sours, wheat beers, lagers, red ales, and more.  

Order Now: Brewer’s Collective 24 Craft Beers of Cheer Advent Calendar Beer Box - 24pk/12 fl oz Cans at Target 


If the beer calendar is for craft beer connoisseurs, the canned cocktail calendar is for those constantly in a beach-state of mind …

Taste your island escape with margaritas, rum drinks, fruity vodkas, and unique flavor combinations that make up this pack of canned cocktails. Since there are only twelve cans (for twelve days of cocktails), you still have time to order and get these in time! 

Order Now: Canned Cocktail Advent Calendar at


You better not shout, you better not cry … because this set is equivalent to 8 bottles, and includes four flavors of our award-winning wine! You won’t get it in time for December 1st, but you can always share the remaining cans on Christmas Eve. 

Enjoy Red Wine, White Wine, Rosé with Bubbles, and White Wine with Bubbles all December long with this complete wine advent calendar. 

Order Now: Graham + Fisk’s Christmas Advent Calendar


If pretty bottles are your thing or you want to give a nice gift, this wine advent calendar comes with 24 bottles packaged behind blue and gold doors. Since the color scheme is more “wintertime chic”, it could even deck out the bar cart in January. 

Order Now: In Good Taste Advent Calendar from In Good Taste 


Did you know Crown Royal made salted caramel whiskey? We didn’t either. 

Enjoy six flavors of Canadian whiskey including Salted Caramel, Peach, Regal Apple, Vanilla, Fine De Luxe Blended, and Black Blended whiskey … TWICE. That’s two bottles of each, for a total of 12 to toast during the holiday season. Let’s Cheers to that!  

Order Now: Crown Royal Whiskey Tasting Calendar from Wooden Cork

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