Super Easy Cocktails For The Super Bowl

best drinks for super bowl

Score big bartending points with these easy cocktails made for Super Bowl Sunday. 

Sure you can rely on simple mixed drinks like rum and coke, vodka lemonades, or gin and tonics, but these cocktails make it feel like you went above and beyond bartending duties without any extra effort at all. Just stock your bar with a few basic bottles, pick up a lime, orange, and some Luxardo Maraschino Cherries, and you’re set for a night of cheering AND cheers-ing with friends. 

Bonus Tip: For prep work that pays off, make this Simple Syrup recipe ahead of time (simmering sugar and water). It really does make a difference in your homemade cocktails (not to mention muddling sugar cubes in each glass takes way too much time) and it lasts for weeks in the fridge. 

Here’s a list of our favorite cocktails for Super Bowl Sunday. 

Gin Rickey 

AKA a “healthier” Gin and Tonic. A Gin Rickey is basically the same cocktail as the classic G&T but uses club soda instead of tonic water, and lime is non-negotiable here.This cocktail works with a variety of diets because it doesn’t include added sugar, plus it’s refreshing and works great with a Super Bowl spread. 

Rusty Nail

If your friends love your Old Fashioned, the Rusty Nail is the low-maintenance sibling — it tastes just as sweet and sophisticated, but requires hardly any time at all. Even better, show your friends what to do and then you can sit on the couch all night. It’s a two-ingredient drink: a 2:1 ratio of Scotch (or blended whiskey) and Drambuie

Whiskey Sour 

Speaking of whiskey, everyone’s favorite easy-drinking summertime whiskey drink is just as easy in the winter. The Super Bowl is the perfect time to break out a serve-yourself Whiskey Sour bar, complete with oranges and cherries. Just write out the recipe and give guests the freedom to be their own mixologist for the evening. 

Tom Collins 

Take the Gin Rickey and give it a twist — literally. Replace the lime with lemon, and add a touch of simple syrup to sweeten a Tom Collins. If your friends go wild for gin, these two drinks (make it three if you offer tonic) might make your Super Bowl party go down in the history books. Just make sure to stock your bar with plenty of quality gin

Moscow Mules

Three words: vodka, lime juice, ginger beer — done! Actually, also ice. Definitely don’t forget the ice for your Super Bowl party. And if you were given copper cups awhile back that are just collecting dust, the Super Bowl is a perfect time to break out the best mugs hiding in your pantry for these Moscow Mules that take hardly any effort at all. 

Dark ‘N Stormys 

For the spice-lovers in your life, offer up a Dark ‘N Stormy Mule made with dark rum or spiced rum instead of vodka. They take just as much time (2 minutes max!) and give everyone something to enjoy during your Super Bowl shindig. Lime juice is essential here to brighten up the strong rum and ginger beer flavor. 

French 75

For a cocktail that sounds fancy, the French 75 couldn’t be more simple. Some recipes call for Champagne, but don’t be fooled! Any sparkling white wine works well here, which is exactly why you should stock up on White Wine with Bubbles — a canned wine so you won’t waste a whole bottle as a cocktail mixer. 


Nothing says “tropical vacation” more than a drink with tequila. So what does this have to do with the Super Bowl? Not much, except that it’s fun to make your Super Bowl party feel like vacay. Luckily, a Paloma works well in the winter because of its grapefruit flavor, and takes just a couple minutes to make.

Erin Hooker

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