How To Make The "Red Head Tequila Sour" (RECIPE)


Looking for a fresh, new cocktail to liven up your evenings? You've come to the right place. I'm going to show you how to make the Red Head Tequila Sour, a sensational, vibrant cocktail that combines the best of both worlds - tequila and red wine. It's simple to make and guaranteed to impress!

Why You'll Love the Red Head Tequila Sour

This cocktail isn't your run-of-the-mill tequila sour. It comes with a twist - a red wine topper, courtesy of Graham + Fisk's Wine-In-A-Can. Yes, you read that right - wine in a can! This isn't just any wine, though. Our red wine blend of Merlot and Zinfandel comes with jammy notes of pomegranate, and a round finish with a mild tannin structure. Pomegranate, jammy, round finish - remember these three distinctive characteristics. They'll bring your cocktail to life!

Preparation Is Key For Our Tequila Sour Recipe

Before we dive into the recipe, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients at hand. Here's what you'll need for a single serving:

Mixing the Perfect Red Head Tequila Sour

The art of creating this cocktail lies in the delicate balance of flavors. I'll guide you through the process step by step.

1. The Cocktail Shaker: Your Magic Wand

Pour in the lime juice, agave, and pineapple juice into your cocktail shaker. This citrusy blend forms the base of your cocktail.

2. The Tequila Twist

Time to add the star of the show - reposado tequila. Pour in 2 oz and let the spirits rise!

3. Shake It Up

Load your shaker with ice. Now, shake it like there's no tomorrow! You're aiming for a harmonious blend of flavors.

4. Serve With Style

Pour your freshly shaken mix into a glass and top it up with ice. Trust me, presentation is key to impressing your guests.

5. The Red Wine Topper

Here comes the grand finale - top your cocktail with Graham + Fisk's Red Wine. The deep, pomegranate notes of this wine add a touch of sophistication to the cocktail.

Enjoy Your Red Head Tequila Sour

There you have it - your own Red Head Tequila Sour! This isn't just a cocktail; it's an experience, an exploration of flavors. The sour tang of the lime, the sweetness of the agave, the tropical freshness of the pineapple juice, the bold character of the tequila, and the refined taste of our red wine all come together to create a harmonious symphony of taste.

Wrapping Up On Our Tequila Sour Recipe

The Red Head Tequila Sour is more than just a cocktail - it's a testament to creativity and the art of mixology. So, the next time you're looking for an innovative drink to try, remember this recipe. Not only will you enjoy a delicious cocktail, but you'll also have a taste of Graham + Fisk's Wine-In-A-Can. Happy mixing!

Please enjoy this drink responsibly, and let us know how your Red Head Tequila Sour turns out. Cheers!

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