A Culinary Adventure: Pairing Graham + Fisk's Wine-In-A-Can with Iconic Burgers

the best canned wine pairings with burgers

There's a subtle art to pairing wine with food, one that elevates both to heights neither could reach alone. Today, let's embark on a journey of taste, blending the ease and convenience of Graham + Fisk's canned wines with some of your favorite burgers. Are you ready?

1. The Classic Duo: Red Wine and Cheeseburger

red wine in a can with cheeseburger pairing

Graham + Fisk's Red Wine Blend: An Overview

  • Notes: Pomegranate, Jammy, Round Finish
  • Blend: Merlot and Zinfandel

Ah, the classic cheeseburger! Juicy, savory, dripping with melted cheese - it's a delight for the taste buds. Now, imagine taking a sip of Graham + Fisk's Red Wine after that delicious bite. The jammy notes of pomegranate meld with the burger's flavors, while the wine's mild tannin structure complements the meaty richness. It's like a symphony in your mouth.

2. Fresh and Exquisite: Rosé With Bubbles and Salmon Burger

rose wine with salmon burger pairing

The Sparkling Rosé Experience

  • Notes: Strawberry, Soft Sweetness, Crisp
  • Blend: Zinfandel and Unoaked Chardonnay

Fish and wine? Absolutely! When you pair a salmon burger, with its flaky texture and unique flavor profile, with the crisp and slightly sweet Rosé With Bubbles Wine, something magical happens. The wine's carbonation cleanses the palate, while its strawberry notes enhance the burger's inherent flavors. I personally love the juxtaposition of the salmon's umami with the Rosé's light effervescence. It's a match made in culinary heaven!

3. Morning Delight: White with Bubbles and Breakfast Burger

white wine with breakfast burger pairing

The Bright Morning Star: White with Bubbles Wine

  • Notes: Melon, Well Balanced, Bright
  • Blend: Unoaked Chardonnay and Viognier

Who said wine is just for the evening? Breakfast burgers, adorned with a perfectly fried egg, are all the rage. Now, throw in a can of Graham + Fisk's White with Bubbles wine and you've got yourself the brunch of champions. The wine's melon notes add a touch of freshness, contrasting with the burger's savory goodness. Each bite, followed by a sip, feels like a morning dance; it's vibrant, lively, and oh so refreshing. Better yet - add a splash of orange juice to our White with Bubbles wine to make a mimosa for the complete breakfast!

The Best Burger Pairings with Canned Wine: Final Thoughts

Graham + Fisk's Wine-In-A-Can offers a diverse range of flavors, making it a delightful companion for various burger types. Whether you're enjoying a classic cheeseburger, a salmon variant, or even indulging in a breakfast burger, there's a canned wine waiting to elevate the experience. So, the next time you're planning a picnic, barbecue, or just a casual meal, remember these pairings. Cheers to great food, exceptional wine, and memories waiting to be made!

Grab a can of Graham + Fisk's Wine-In-A-Can and discover the magic for yourself!

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