Last Minute Christmas Gifts That Aren't Gift Cards

last minute christmas gifts

Some people think gift cards are the best, but others (a.k.a. Mom) might want something a little more special. After all, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gifts. 

Here is a list of our favorite last-minute Christmas gift ideas. Or maybe you’re lucky and part of the family is getting together in January instead … in which case, you’ve got plenty of time and the end-of-year sales on your side. 

Get that tricky person on your list one of these last-minute gifts!  


Everyone can use a cooler, and with this gift you can find quality options at affordable prices. To make it a little more special, give them your favorite canned wine or a 6-pack from a local brewery for a more sentimental surprise. After all, what’s better than a gift within a gift? Nothing, especially if it’s canned wine. 


The green thumb in the family will always appreciate a houseplant to care for all year long. With dozens of trendy plant stores around the country, there’s bound to be a place near you that has healthy plants and a fun planter to put it in. Since this is a last-minute gift, you probably won’t even kill it in the 48 hours that it’s under your wing. Fingers crossed … 


Football, baseball, and basketball gear is easy to find almost everywhere and die-hard fans will appreciate an extra t-shirt or sweatshirt to add to their weekend wardrobe. Or plan on gifting them something they wouldn’t buy themselves, like a coffee cup or set of shot glasses so they can celebrate every touchdown, homerun, or 3-pointer in style. 


We all know someone who looooooooves candles. Trust us when we say they won’t be mad about another. Plus, ‘tis the time of year for limited-edition winter scents, so grab a candle they can burn all season long until the snow melts. 


Whether your family is from the big city or lives hours away from a shopping center, they’ll appreciate this homemade art piece. Simply pick out 3 local postcards that feature the scenery and/or landmarks, and frame for the person that plans on staying forever OR the person that just moved away. Gift stores, card shops, and even convenience stores often have a display dedicated to postcards, and you can find a frame almost anywhere. 


Is your town famous for their award-winning fudge, buffalo jerky, or does a local baker make the best cookies? The foodies in your life will appreciate a gift they can’t get anywhere else. Even better if they can share it with their family and friends from Christmas until New Years. 


You might think that the person in your life who loves to adventure already has it all, but trust us when we say that with adventure gear it’s more than okay to have double. Grab a pair of nice running socks for the person who pounds the most pavement, a bike jersey for whoever peddles the most miles, or even a set of Yeti wine glasses for the couple that camps year round. It’s the gift that will keep on giving during every adventure in 2022. 


It’s easy, simple, special, and best of all — better when shared! Whether it’s canned, bottled, or presented as a box you wrapped up in fun paper with a bow, wine is always a good idea. Pair it with a set of wine glasses, fun wine glass charms, or some tasty happy hour snacks.

Erin Hooker

Erin Hooker is a writer with experience creating wine, food, and interior design content. She began contributing to Graham + Fisk’s blog in 2021.

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