French 75 Recipe - "75 and Young"

french 75 recipe

Check out our video tutorial right at the top for an easy, step-by-step guide to creating this fantastic cocktail!

The French 75, a beloved cocktail classic, is stepping out with a fresh, spring-inspired twist. This tantalizing concoction, citrusy yet sweet, melds gin and our sparkling Graham + Fisk's White with Bubbles, adding a delightful elderflower undertone. Brace yourself for a cocktail that's both 75 and forever young.

What's in a Name? The French 75 Story

You might wonder why the number 75 is tagged onto this French drink. Named after the powerful 75mm field gun used by the French army during World War I, the French 75 is known for its "kick", just like the weapon it's named after. Now you know where this bubbly cocktail gets its vibrant name!

The French 75 and French Martini: The Difference

It's easy to mix up the French 75 with the French Martini due to their shared origin. However, the French Martini leans towards a fruity, sweet profile with Chambord and pineapple juice, while our French 75 focuses on citrus flavors and bubbles, making for a more versatile and refreshing drink.

The Original French 75 and its Evolution

The original French 75 recipe took flight in the early 20th century, pairing gin with champagne. Our version, however, switches out champagne for our very own Graham + Fisk's White with Bubbles, a California white wine blend of unoaked Chardonnay and Viognier. It's like getting a front-row seat to a Netflix binge session with every sip!

The Flavor Profile of French 75

Our French 75 bubbles over with zesty lemon notes, a tantalizing gin sharpness, and a subtle sweetness from the elderflower liqueur. It's a symphony of balanced flavors that dance on your palate, leaving you refreshed and eager for the next sip.

Introducing Graham + Fisk's White with Bubbles

What better way to revamp this classic cocktail than with our award-winning White with Bubbles? With a burst of melon notes, this sparkling white blend provides a well-balanced, refreshing finish to the French 75. It's bright, bubbly, and destined to steal the show in your cocktail!

The French 75 Recipe: Ingredients

Here's the list of ingredients you'll need:

The French 75 Recipe: Preparation

Now, let's bring all these wonderful ingredients together. It's cocktail time!

  1. Chill your glass. A cold glass will keep your cocktail refreshingly cool.
  2. Start with the cocktail shaker. Pour in the fresh lemon juice, elderflower liqueur, and orange vanilla syrup.
  3. Time for gin. Add it to the shaker. The more premium, the better!
  4. Ice, ice, baby. Throw in a handful of ice and give your shaker a good seal.
  5. Shake it up. Shake heavily until condensation forms on the shaker's exterior.
  6. Strain and pour. Gently pour your cocktail mixture into the chilled glass.
  7. Top it off. Add a generous amount of Graham + Fisk's White with Bubbles.
  8. The Final Touch. Garnish your cocktail with a lemon peel twist.

The French 75 Garnish: Making It

Creating the perfect garnish for your French 75 is simple. Just cut a thin strip of lemon peel, twist it to release its essential oils, and place it delicately on your glass. This not only adds an aesthetic appeal to your cocktail but also a tantalizing burst of fresh citrus aroma every time you take a sip!

Conclusion: The French 75 Reimagined

There you have it! You've not only learned how to concoct a beautiful French 75 with a unique elderflower twist, but you've also delved into the history of this fantastic cocktail, distinguished it from its Martini cousin, and found the perfect sparkling wine to pair it with.

This refreshing, bubbly, and delightfully tangy cocktail has stood the test of time, and with our Graham + Fisk's White with Bubbles, it feels younger than ever. It's time to pour yourself a glass, kick back, and savor every refreshing sip of this reinvented classic. Cheers to the French 75 – an icon of the cocktail world, forever young in spirit!

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