Easter Egg Hunt For Adults - How To Do Easter The Grown-Up Way

easter egg hunt for adults

Perfect for Easter brunch, adult “egg” hunts, and sipping all springtime long!  

There’s a can of wine for every holiday and season, and this spring we’re bringing you an assortment of bold-colored cans, with your favorite wine inside. Inspired by everyone’s favorite technicolor, foil-wrapped Easter chocolates, these cans look so good you’ll want to show them off alongside your new spring decor. 

Of course, the wine checks out too. You can now get the canned Mixed Variety Pack in these special colors including our famous Red Wine, White Wine, White with Bubbles, and Rosé with Bubbles — all in time for the Easter holiday!  

So what can you do with this canned wine (besides drink it) … 

Make an Easter Egg Hunt  

Hide cans of wine around the yard or inside the apartment on a rainy day, and have your best pals try to capture the most Wine-In-A-Can that they possibly can! They are the perfect size to hide, and even more satisfying to find. But with these brilliant colors, make sure you plan where you’ll hide the cans in advance! And let all players know that the winner gets a prize … they get to keep the wine.  

Host a Hoppy Holiday 

For an egg-cellent table centerpiece, set out these colorful cans of wine! These look stunning on a table covered in foil-wrapped chocolates, egg-bake casseroles, and a big glazed ham. Set out the blue cans (red wine) next to the main meal, and place the other three colors in an ice bucket to keep cold. Watch guests take two, because they’re refreshing, AND so they can try another color. 

Give as a Gift 

Everyone likes a surprise package, but there’s no surprise better than a box of canned wine. Order and get it delivered to a lucky friend’s doorstep. Give them a heads-up in advance or surprise them on the fly. When they open the box, their face will light up — guaranteed. With four bright cans in blue, purple, yellow, and pink, this package will make anyone smile, and is the perfect gift for spring. 

Bring to Easter Brunch 

With our Easter cans, you don’t have to whip-up anything from scratch at all. Simply order this box of canned wine and present them in an Easter basket to the host/hostess of the get-together. Add a chocolate rabbit and a nice spring candle for a bigger-than-ever hosting gift, and you’ll be ordered to grab as much quiche and bacon as you can possibly eat. 

Sip and Welcome Spring! 

From yardwork to spring cleaning, there’s no better companion than a beautiful can of delicious wine. Enjoy all of the chores that a new season brings with a box of cans for whatever mood you’re in. Sunny day? Snag a White Wine out of the fridge. Rainy and overcast? Grab a red wine to fit the blue mood. Celebrate after you finish a chore by popping a can of White with Bubbles or Rosé with Bubbles — perfect for sipping all spring! 

Order your cans today, and Happy Spring from all of us at Graham + Fisk!

Erin Hooker

Erin Hooker is a writer with experience creating wine, food, and interior design content. She began contributing to Graham + Fisk’s blog in 2021.

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