5 Must Try Canned Cocktails For The Spring

best canned cocktails

What’s better than a hand-mixed cocktail? A ready-to-drink cocktail you can grab from the fridge right now. 

It’s hard to say what exactly made the canned cocktail so popular in recent years, but the trend really kicked in while people spent more time at home in 2020 and 2021. Leaders in the beverage industry believe people wanted a quality cocktail, without buying all of the bar tools and ingredients to make them. 

They also grew in popularity right after hard seltzers exploded on the market! While seltzers were more popular than ever and offered a low-calorie option, some people preferred a more substantial cocktail and weren’t totally satisfied by the light sparkling options. Now with more delicious options than ever before, it’s clear that canned cocktails are here to stay … 

But it begs the question, do they really taste like cocktails? 

Yes! A good canned cocktail can taste just like an expensive cocktail at a bar or restaurant. All you have to do is keep the cans chilled in the fridge. But if you want to take your canned cocktail to the next level (and when glass isn’t a concern), grab your favorite cocktail glass and simply pour over ice.Here are five companies producing some of the best canned cocktails around. Bring them to the golf course, a pool party, or offer them at your wedding

With all of the options on the market right now, there’s truly a canned cocktail for everyone! 


Cutwater Spirits is a distillery based out of San Diego, and it’s easy to say that they are the current champions of the canned cocktail craze. They have a huge variety spanning Margaritas all the way to White Russians, and their products are readily available in most liquor stores. This spring, try the Strawberry Margarita or the Long Island Iced Tea for a refreshing and boozy beverage. 


If brunch is your jam, then you have to try Ohza’s canned mimosas! All four flavors are fruity, perfectly sweet, and easy to drink. Try the Bellini this spring, but make a note that there’s a cranberry flavor waiting for you at the holidays. Bring these canned cocktails to a weekend brunch with friends and to the park with your dog for the ultimate breakfast cocktail experience. 


Never judge a book by its cover? Not with Two Chicks! They nailed it with their botanical-inspired packaging, and lucky for us, their drinks are just as refreshing as they look on the outside. These are true craft cocktails with unique twists. Their Sparkling New Fashioned is just like the old, but with bubbles and an infusion of ginger. And their Sparkling Vodka Fizz sounds simple, but includes pear and elderflower for an elevated drinking experience. 


This canned cocktail from Finland frequently tops the charts as the best canned cocktail in the business. That’s because Long Drink is light and refreshing, but still more satisfying than a seltzer. The base liquor, gin, contributes a juniper flavor and is combined with grapefruit for a truly thirst-quenching experience. Bonus: They even have a sugar-free version, and the reviews say it’s just as good. 


Post Meridiem has a great lineup of canned cocktails, including a Mai Tai, Daiquiri, and Margarita. But don’t be fooled by the short cans — these cocktails have a hefty alcohol content (the Double Old Fashioned is a whopping 37% ABV) … but that comes with the territory of canned cocktails in general. As with all alcoholic beverages, make sure you know the proper serving size, drink responsibly, and then enjoy a canned cocktail this spring!

Erin Hooker

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