Graham + Fisk's FAQ

Where is the wine from?

100% of the wine in our cans comes from California. Each can is handcrafted in Sonoma County. We use the highest quality grapes with gold medal award winning, Wine Enthusiast " Best Buy" rated wine.

What type of wine do you offer?

We stuck with the staples. Red, White, White wine with Bubbles, and Rosé Wine with Bubbles.

Our Red is a Merlot blend with some Zinfandel. Our White is an Unoaked Chardonnay blend with some Viognier. Our White with Bubbles is the same White wine blend with with a bit of carbonation - think between a Vinho Verde and a Prosecco. The Rosé with Bubbles is a lightly carbonated blend of Zinfandel and Unoaked Chardonnay.

All of our wines were designed by our export winemaker who has been in the business for decades. Each wine is specially designed to have a universal taste appeal for easy drinking all the wine chilled and right from the can.

We want to make sure each time you crack open a can, it will have the same great taste can after can, year after year. Just like with your favorite beer, we don't ever want you to wonder how Graham + Fisk's will taste each time you drink one.

Is it Vegan or Gluten free?

All of our wines are vegan and gluten free, however we are not and do not claim to be certified vegan or gluten free.

If you have any serious dietary restrictions or severe allergies, we advise that you enjoy our wine at your own discretion.

Where did the name come from?

Graham + Fisk's Wine-In-A-Can: Founders Graham and Fisk are childhood pals who met 25 years ago at summer camp on the shores of the Great Lakes. In 2019, the two decided to come out with a new brand of (250ML) canned wine paying homage to not only their nearly life long friendship, but their furry best pals too - which are featured on each can of Graham + Fisk's! 

What is the vintage?

All of our wines are non vintage and non varietal. This is done purposely so that year after year, each can of Graham + Fisk's will taste exactly the same, just like your favorite beer!

Why the can?

Two great reasons!

First: Cans are more stable and a better vessel for the wine - UV light and oxygen are two major destabilizers of wine. The can takes care of the UV and our special canning process takes care of the oxygen problem.

Second: Convenience - We want you to easily crack open a can after a long day at the office, enjoy one poolside or at the BBQ, or bring tailgating in the cooler.

Super affordable, portable, and drinkable!

Is there a metallic can taste?

Not at all! All of our cans have a special BPA free lining on the inside so the wine never actually touched the aluminum. Same great taste if you pour it in a glass or drink it straight from the can like we do!

Where is your HQ?

The historic Ohio City Firehouse illustrated on each can - and in the Firehouse Can Co Logo - Is our actual headquarters located in Cleveland, OH - where Graham and Fisk grew up.

What's with the dogs?

Each can of Graham + Fisk's features the founders' best pals. Watching over the firehouse is Graham's dog, Gracey - named after Elvis' Graceland. She passed away in 2017, and is forever remembered and adorned on each of our cans. Fisk's dog Crosby is shown behind our 1969 Corvair Ultra Van (AKA The Canned Wine Mobile)!